There is a new calculator in town

Download MaxiCalc Calculator for iPad on the App Store We wanted to create an app that could make you feel like touching a real calculator. We thought the right type of graphics and realistic sounds of plastic keys could trick our brains, almost making us forget we are touching plain glass… Everybody who played with MaxiCalc immediately smiled, sometimes laughed, while fiddling with the keyboard and watching the paper tape printing their calculations – and hearing the  SoundFX we recorded from actual calculators and mechanic parts. It is a very nostalgic feeling. MaxiCalc is, indeed, a very nostalgic experience.

And yet, MaxiCalc is a very good calculator. The most frequently used operations (addition and subtraction) have super big keys – like the old heavy-duty calculators. Less used ones are smaller. We tested out different layouts until we were sure to have reached an easy, intuitive keyboard layout that could maximize typing speed and accuracy.

MaxiCalc is for everybody who needs a handy, easy on the eye, calculator for daily tasks. An awesome calculator.