Problems after updating to iOS 8? Easy fix.

In the transition from iOS 6 to 7 we got a few reports about MaxiCalc not having its “paper tape” properly working, something that stopped shortly after iOS minor updates. Now, after Apple released iOS 8, we received some emails about this problem again: it stops printing numbers or even appears all in dark-red color.

In MaxiCalc’s case, we could only reproduce the problem if the iPad has several opened Apps in background (so, stressing the memory of the iPad). If you are having this problem please try the following steps:

  1. If the calculator works but the paper tape remains empty, try deleting the paper tape. At the bottom of the paper tape there is a red button with a trash can. Erase the paper and do some calculations. Do they appear in the paper now?
  2. Really closing all running apps – then restart the iPad – to free memory.
    Double-tap the home button – you should see miniature screens of all running apps. Just ‘swipe up’ (drag upwards) the screen of every app to close them, one by one. Wait about 15 seconds (the system needs time to really close and free the resources). Now reboot the iPad (don’t worry, it is similar to turning off/on your computer): find the power button and the home button and, at the same time, keep them pressed until the Apple logo appears in the screen.

    If you prefer, watch a video showing how it is done: (or watch it on YouTube at second 45)

The step #2 might help you with other apps as well.

Notice that after releasing a major new iOS version, Apple releases smaller updates with performance enhancements and improvements making it more and more stable, usually a couple of months later or even before.

How to Delete an App on iOS? (or: how to delete MaxiCalc Free after purchasing MaxiCalc Pro?)

You tried MaxiCalc Free and then decided to buy MaxiCalc Pro… so, you don’t need the first one anymore*. Uninstalling an app is very easy. Watch the following video – it also shows you how to later reorganize/move icons to the desired place.

*Important: when you delete MaxiCalc Free, the calculation tapes will also be erased. Tapes stored in MaxiCalc Free are completely separated from the tapes created in MaxiCalc Pro.

(1min 50sec) Video in english, closed captions in various languages (you must activate)

To see the video directly in the YouTube App/Website:

“I want to completely delete, uninstall the App… not just remove its icon”

When you delete the ‘icon’, as shown in the video, you are REALLY deleting the App. iOS is different from Windows (where icons in the desktop were only shortcuts). In the iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch, when you delete the ‘icon’ you are actually uninstalling/erasing the App from your device – and all the associated data. Also, ‘data’ (like: documents or photos) created inside that app are also erased (unless there is a ‘server/cloud’ feature the developer explicitly provides to keep them for you). Once more: when you delete MaxiCalc, you also delete the calculation tapes (history).

“I would prefer some deleted apps NOT to apear in the ‘Purchased’ section”

You can hide individual purchased items – but you’ll need to use iTunes in the computer:

iPad with no Sound, or “I can’t hear sounds of MaxiCalc”

MaxiCalc has lots of (very good) sounds. If you are not hearing them when you type, don’t worry: sound problems on the iPad are easy to solve.

This quick Video can help you to fix* your iPad sound problem

(1min 36sec, watch it entirely)

To watch ti directly in the YouTube site/app:

Sound problems on iOS 6 (the old video)

if you can’t hear the video, it has closed captions (subtitles) in English and a few other languages. Below you can see how to activate closed captions in the YouTube’s App for iPad:

Closed Captions in YouTube's App for iPad with sound problems

“If my iPad was on mute, how could I hear videos?”

Very nice observation. It seems Apple thought it would be easier for users if the iPad always reproduced the sound of videos – even when ‘mute’ is activated… And it causes lots of confusion.

People automatically associate: “I just heard sound in some video, so, the problem might be in this app”… and very often it is not the case. MaxiCalc, as well as much apps, will be subject to the ‘side-switch’ or low volume.

“Why did I need to close all apps and reboot the iPad to have sound?”

Closing all apps (then waiting 15 seconds, so iOS have time to properly terminate every app – sorry, not in the video) then reseting the iPad is a good advice not only for sound problems… it also helps to fix some 3G/Wifi problems and other issues. It is like turning your computer off and on again.

On daily usage, every app you open is normally kept semi-opened in background. If a game have a bug or crash, it can render parts of the Sound System unavailable to other Apps. You could close every app, one by one, and would eventually find which app was interfering… but it is much easier to simply close all of them, restart, and the iPad will behave all fine again.

“Still no sound…”

There are other problems that can affect the sound of an iPad. The headphones connector can be dirty, or with moisture (so it assumes there is headphones plugged in)… The docking connector can be dirty or humid as well, and it also ‘cuts’ the reproduction of the internal speaker. These are just a few examples… there is no way for us to have an exhausting list of problems and solutions for sound problems.

We suggest you to read a few discussions about it in the Apple Community Support Forum:

But the best recommendation is to simply visit an Apple Store and look for help.

* Disclaimer: your iPad’s sound is not our responsibility…

The advices in this page are based on recommendations found on Apple’s Knowledge-Base articles, and we compiled our version as a convenience. You are entirely responsible for deciding to try them or look directly for help on an Apple Store. We shall not be held liable for any damages or consequences of the suggested tips.