Two guys from Brazil

Creators of iMimic (their first iOS game), brazilians¬†Fernando Sciessere and Everson Siqueira are old friends living far, far away from each other… but distance doesn’t matter when you have Internet – and the desire to make beautiful things.

“20 years ago we studied Electronics together in High School – but we decided for different careers in the University. After many years working in different countries (Fernando now works in the United States and Everson in Spain) we decided it was about time to enjoy making something together again, even being on very different timezones.

The fun didn’t last to long, ha ha. iMimic started just as a pretext to learn iPhone programming… but it became serious: “yes, it is just a Simon Says… but it must be the best and coolest!!!”, and in this pursuit we have spent lots of nights working together by FaceTime. We love old electronics, retro games and toys, so it had to be really neat and nostalgic, remembering childhood. After that came MaxiCalc, also very connected to memories from the past.

We were asked “why only two apps?” Blame the details! Realistic sound, super sharp graphics worked to the pixels, intuitive instantaneous interface… all those ingredients that make an unforgettable user experience take lots of time. We love making apps, so we keep polishing things and, being just two guys, time goes by until we are satisfied and confident to launch. Since our initial research with calculators (we bought a few not to mention visits to museums) until the first beta versions with family and friends, MaxiCalc was an 11 month marathon… and we just got started!

We hope you enjoy MaxiCalc, wishing it will be helpful for you, and fun.”

Fernando and Everson

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